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The following are a small selection of books which exhibit varying levels of the transpersonal 'note'. We have deliberately only included one title from each author and would recommend that you accordingly research other books from these writers. Please do make suggestions for titles which we have overlooked and you feel might be of interest to fellow transpersonalists…

Journey in Depth: A Transpersonal Perspective - Barbara Somers with Ian Gordon-Brown

The Fires of Alchemy: A Transpersonal Viewpoint - Barbara Somers

The Raincloud of Knowable Things - Ian Gordon-Brown with Barbara Somers, Editor Hazel Marshall

Symptom as Symbol : A Transpersonal Language - Barbara Somers and Ian Gordon-Brown, Editor Hazel Marshall

Transpersonal Psychotherapy - Wellings and McCormick

Psychosynthesis, A Psychology of the Spirit - Firman and Gila

Transpersonal Development - Assagioli

The Transpersonal - Rowan

Transpersonal Psychotherapy - Boorstein     

The Primal Wound - Firman and Gila   

Ways Through the Wall - Drew and Lorimer   

Psychotherapy and Spirit - Cortright       

What we may be - Ferrucci   

Man and his Symbols - Jung   

A Ken Wilber Reader - Wilber   

Toward a Psychology of Awakening - Welwood       

The Cosmic Game - Grof       

The Inward Arc - Vaughan and Tart       

Shadow, Self, Spirit - Daniels       

The Hero with a Thousand Faces - Campbell   

A Path with Heart - Kornfield   

Loves Executioner - Yalom   

Thoughts without a Thinker - Epstein       

Care of the Soul - Moore       

The Essential James Hillman - Moore   

Conscious Femininity - Woodman   

The Middle Passage - Hollis   

The Power of Focusing - Cornell   

The Wisdom of Imperfection - Preece   

Man's Search for Meaning - Frankl   

Maps to Ecstasy - Roth       

The Thirst for Wholeness - Grof       

Bridge to the Soul - Rumi

The Rag and Bone Shop of the Heart - Bly, Hillman, Meade   

The Man who Planted Seeds - Giono   

Meditating with Mandalas - Fontana       

New Nightingale, New Rose - Hafiz